LA Voz, or Latin American Voz, is the Latin American Student Association of the University of Twente. The main goal of LA Voz is to introduce and share the Latin American culture within the University.



The association is open to any person who is genuinely interested in Latin American culture, so our members are not limited to Latin American nationalities or to UT students. Everyone is welcome to become a part of LA Voz!

Our activities are directed towards those interested in meeting Latin American people and experiencing cultural aspects of life in Latin America.


Our mission:

  • To act as representatives in the University of Twente of Latin American countries, to promote and to enhance diversity in our campus, bringing the Latin American culture to the public awareness through art, music, food, sports, and traditions.
  • To promote international student mobility, orienting incoming students to the UT as well as students interested in going to Latin America.
  • To assist exchange students in their effort to adjust to a new environment either at the UT as well as in Latin American countries.